Natuurlijkheid Chaired by: Steven Degraer

This working group considers how, in the future, we should handle naturalness in the Belgian section of the North Sea. What are the opportunities in the areas of impact mitigation, conservation and remediation, and are there any new opportunities to create naturalness?


Blue Economy and Innovation

Blauwe Economie en Innovatie Chaired by: Gert Verreet

This working group has formed a vision for the future use of the North Sea. What are the man drivers for change behind the Blue Economy and what trends do we identify in terms of future innovation?


Multiple Use of Space

Meervoudig ruimtegebruik Chaired by : Frank Maes

This working group has assessed the major principles and mechanisms that could, in the future, lead to the better planning and more efficient use of the scarce space in the Belgian section of the North Sea. What synergies exist between different user functions within the precondition of naturalness?